Nike Barcelona

Nike Barcelona 1920 1080 010360 ˚ NL

Virtual purchasing... For Nike Global 010360 took care of the virtual presentation of the showroom in Barcelona. Corona made it impossible for buyers from Europe to visit the building in Barcelona. By presenting the showroom virtually...

Expo A16 Rotterdam

Expo A16 Rotterdam 1920 1080 010360 ˚ NL

The A16 Rotterdam Expo is located on the edge of the Lage Bergse Bos. A unique Expo that shows interested local residents the construction of the A16 in a very innovative way. At this moment, the...

Sonova Wireless Competence Center

Sonova Wireless Competence Center 1920 1080 010360 ˚ NL

Successful virtual opening! Sonova, is a leading provider of innovative hearing solutions, and asked 010360 to provide their virtual tour of its new Wireless Competence Center in Switzerland. This groundbreaking new building is a...


CREEPZ 1920 1080 010360 ˚ NL

CREEPZ In Corona time, it is very difficult for many businesses to bring in some income. The retail, hospitality and events industry is hit hard by the lockdown and you have to be very creative...


IABR - METEOPOLIS 1920 1080 010360 ˚ NL

IABR - METEOPOLIS Rotterdams Weerwoord, a programme of the city of Rotterdam, presented four design studios with a challenge: to conceive and design a future scenario for Rotterdam, taking into account what the city can expect if the...

The Schiphol Tunnel

The Schiphol Tunnel 1920 1441 010360 ˚ NL

Commissioned by Prorail we have mapped the entire Schiphol Tunnel.

Blankenburg connection

Blankenburg connection 1920 1089 010360 ˚ NL

The Blankenburg connection connects the A20 at Vlaardingen and the A15 at Rozenburg by means of a new motorway, the A24. For this extensive project, an information centre has been set up where interested parties can...

Museum Rotterdam

Museum Rotterdam 1919 1081 010360 ˚ NL

Lions on the Coolsingel In the exhibition Lions on the Coolsingel you literally stand among the charred remains of the old, destroyed city. Around it, five artists have made murals (20m2 each) of incredible Rotterdam paintings...

Museum Rotterdam '40 - '45 NOW

Museum Rotterdam '40 - '45 NOW

Museum Rotterdam '40 - '45 NOW 1919 1081 010360 ˚ NL

Museum Rotterdam '40 - '45 NOW The bombardment of Rotterdam was more than three quarters of a century ago, but is still haunting our city. The Experience in Museum Rotterdam '40 - '45 NOW puts you in the middle of...

modest fashion*

modest fashion* 1500 1000 010360 ˚ NL

Modest Fashion - Stedelijk Museum Schiedam It's something new and a billion dollar industry: Modest Fashion. Maybe you've never heard of it, maybe you're already wearing it. It is the first museum in the Netherlands to have...

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