World of Hearing of Sabbagh

World of Hearing of Sabbagh 1919 1081 010360 ˚ NL

World of Hearing World of Hearing is the Hoorwinkel of the future where expertise and experience are central. The choice to choose 3D-VR was made quickly, because also in a Matter port 010360 presentation...

Nike Flagship Store Milan

Nike Flagship Store Milan 1920 1080 010360 ˚ NL

The Most beautiful shop presentation! For Nike Global, 010360 has taken care of a Matter port presentation from the new Flagship Store in Milan. In the night before the opening we have 3 floors included. On the day of the...

Open Expo chooses 010360

Open Expo chooses 010360 1921 1080 010360 ˚ NL

010360Can we continue to visit the Expo? Together with the initiators of the Open Expo Schiedam, we made a plan to map out the entire exhibition. It was about 4 rooms filled with...

The Green House Utrecht

The Green House Utrecht 1920 1441 010360 ˚ NL

A glimpse into the kitchen the Green House, a circular restaurant where chefs prepare the most delicious dishes of ingredients from their own urban farm and from the region. Where you can enjoy food all day...


FOOT LOCKER LONDON 1919 1079 010360 ˚ NL

Ready for the opening! Foot Locker Europe has chosen for 010360 to virtually portray their newest location in London. For us a challenge to this in the night before the opening...

Stedin Business School

Stedin Business School 1920 1441 010360 ˚ NL

A presentation full of excitement! Obtaining a recognised diploma and a view of a permanent job? That is possible at Stedin! At Stedin They invest a lot in the development of the employees. For This Purpose they use...

Hans Boodt Mannequins

Hans Boodt Mannequins 1920 1441 010360 ˚ NL

Hans Offered Sports Department Innovative, Creative, Dutch, rebellious and young. Hans Offered Mannequins works in custom work, design development and production of mannequins. The organization is young, flexible and has a professional background in the retail industry. Their vision:...

Central Library Rotterdam

Central Library Rotterdam 1920 1441 010360 ˚ NL

The biggest thinker of Rotterdam Desiderius Erasmus is a world-famous city. His books have changed our world. They have had a great influence on the free society in which we live today. And even though Erasmus lived...

CREEPZ Streetwear

CREEPZ Streetwear 1921 1080 010360 ˚ NL

Get the CREEPZ! Creepz Streetwear is a nice shop in the centre of Dordrecht. The Shop can now be visited virtually with our Matter port presentation. Walk from the Creepz Store to the neighboring Creepz...

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