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In Corona time, it is very difficult for many companies to get some income.

The retail, hospitality and events sectors are hit hard by the lockdown and you have to be very creative as a shop owner to stand out with your business. Especially online, it is now a struggle to command attention among all the big boys like


Creepz Fun & Fashion thought of a way to stand out more!


Minka Hoek of Creepz in the center of Dordrecht has used a 3D-VR of had a striking presentation made of her shop. It's still a bit of a challenge, but at least the shop is now open for a virtual audience.
With information about the articles, a good picture of the range and attractive offers, the webshop is now visited more often.


She has also attracted the attention of the local media in Dordrecht. With an interview of "In the area"(DPG media), her shop has received extra attention.


Good job Minka!

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