The Green House Utrecht

The Green House Utrecht

The Green House Utrecht 1920 1441 010360 ˚ NL

A glimpse into the kitchen

The Green House, a circular restaurant where chefs prepare the best dishes of ingredients from their own urban farm and the region. Where you can enjoy food and drinks throughout the day in a welcoming, comfortable environment. A green hub where you meet and where you can organize events. Where you are inspired by stories and encounters about how it can be different, more sustainable. A circular world in which waste does not exist.

The Green House is a very innovative project of Alsource. This restaurant had to be brought into the picture with the latest technology and accessible to the whole world. The Restaurant has won many awards and is an example for people seeking a sustainable world. 010360 is proud to have contributed to this success!

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Driemanssteeweg 648, 3084 CB Rotterdam
+316 140 470 81 | +316 394 888 69

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